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Output power measurement of a blood pump considering pulsating flows /
Sejong Chun ;Jonghan Jin
From p.136-141 Journal of mechanical science and technology. Tập:26 Số:3 Ngày:2012
The crack healing behavior of ZrO 2 /SiC composite ceramics with TiO 2 additive /
Ki Woo Nam ;Jin Ryang Hwang
From p.101-104 Journal of mechanical science and technology. Tập:26 Số:7 Ngày:2012
“Liquid-Liquid-Solid”-Type Superoleophobic Surfaces to Pattern Polymeric Semiconductors towards High-Quality Organic Field-Effect Transistors /
;Heeger, Alan J. ;Bin Su ;Lei Jiang ;Yuchen Wu
From p.59-66 Advanced materials. Tập:25 Số:45 Ngày:2013
“Raisin Bun”-Like Nanocomposites of Palladium Clusters and Porphyrin for Superior Formic Acid Oxidation /
;Huajie Yin ;Jiandong Yang ;Rui Song ;Xiuxin Wang
From p.97-101 Advanced materials. Tập:25 Số:19 Ngày:2013
“Shrink-to-Fit” Superhydrophobicity: Thermally-Induced Microscale Wrinkling of Thin Hydrophobic Multilayers Fabricated on Flexible Shrink-Wrap Substrates /
Manna, Uttam ;Carter, Matthew C. D. ;Lynn, David M.
From p.78-82 Advanced materials. Tập:25 Số:22 Ngày:2013
25th Anniversary Article: Understanding the Lithiation of Silicon and Other Alloying Anodes for Lithium-Ion Batteries /
;McDowell, Matthew T. ;Nix, William D. ;Yi Cui ;Seok Woo Lee
From p.14-33 Advanced materials. Tập:25 Số:36 Ngày:2013
A cross-cultural study of perceptions of medical tourism among Chinese, Japanese and Korean tourists in Korea /
Ji Yun Yu ;Tae Gyou Ko
From p.81-89 Tourism management Tập:33 Số:1 Ngày:2012
A generalised model for traffic induced road dust emissions. Model description and evaluation /
Berger, Janne ;Denby, Bruce
From p.49-60 Conservation: Marine and freshwater ecosystems Tập:45 Số:22 Ngày:2011
A Liquid Crystalline Phase with Uniform Tilt, Local Polar Order and Capability of Symmetry Breaking /
;Alaasar, Mohamed ;Mamatha Nagaraj ;Prehm, Marko ;Vij, Jagdish K.
From p.83-89 Advanced materials. Tập:25 Số:15 Ngày:2013
A Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance-Based Multicolor Electrochromic Device with Electrochemically Size- Controlled Silver Nanoparticles /
Ayako Tsuboi ;Kazuki Nakamura ;Norihisa Kobayashi
From p.62-66 Advanced materials. Tập:25 Số:23 Ngày:2013
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